Website Design and Small Business

Website design has changed a lot over the past few years. New technologies and programming languages have changed the way websites are built. The days of building websites from scratch are a thing of the past.

website-designThe Website Design Business

Designing and developing websites the traditional way involved physically writing (or typing) every piece of code to give the look and functionality of the website. This is very time consuming and therefore very expensive.

To try and simplify the process, web designers would create templates that they built their websites on but even so editing all the code for each client was still laborious. As a result, adding special functionality was beyond the reach of most small businesses.

So we skip forward a few years to the introduction of CMS platforms. If you don’t know what a CMS is check out this article. Why WordPress

CMS platforms have evolved tremendously since their humble beginnings only a few years ago and the good ones have become very easy to use. The power of the CMS lies in the functionality and flexibility that they provide.

Many web developers have moved over to programming for CMS platforms. This is far more lucrative as they are able to sell their product worldwide, at a fraction of the cost of developing the functionality for a single or hand full of clients. This functionality can be ‘plugged into’ a website and set up to work quickly. This applies equally to changing the look of a website.

With CMS websites you have teams of people around the world working to make sure that your website is updated, secure and compatible with all devices.

The Needs of Small Businesses

We are a business that offers website design services to our clients. However, it is not website design in the traditional sense. I still use code, here and there, to make adjustments to how my clients’ websites look and work, but now I can deliver a finished product very quickly.

This is good news for small business owners.

Most small businesses have similar needs when it comes to their website. The need to let their customers know who they are, what they do and where they are located. They need to make it easy for their customers or potential customers to communicate with them, and they need their potential customers to be able to find them. Some of them need to have a website that their customers can buy products on and they all need their websites to be secure. Small business owners need websites that make them money.

Fortunately, websites that deliver on these needs can now be built quickly and at over 20 times less cost than traditional web design. They are also easy to use so the cost of managing and updating websites is also much lower and faster.

All of this means that small businesses are able to compete on a level playing field with their larger counterparts and increase their profits. That is why any business, that wants to be in business must have a good website.

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