Content Creation

Your website needs to attract people that are interested in the products and services that you offer. In order to get people interested in your website you need to have information to share with them. Information is what the Internet runs on. It is all about content and, of course, engagement with customers and potential customers.

Content Creation PietermaritzburgIf you add content to your website regularly you will attract more visitors and keep the attention of the search engines. We cannot emphasize enough the value of free traffic from organic searches. People that find your website through these searches are looking for your products or services and there is a very high purchase rate from these types of visitors.

For the above reason we make sure that all content that we create is optimised for the search engines so that our clients can gain the maximum benefit.

There are 3 main types of website content on the internet:
• Text
• Images and Graphics
• Video

Text Articles

Text can either be displayed on a static page or as an article.
Static pages are good for displaying and sharing information that doesn’t change much such as the business description, products and service, frequently asked questions and contact details.

Articles are normally posted on a blog. A blog is a log of articles where the articles/posts are displayed with the latest article first. These blog posts are what drive traffic to your website.
These articles could be product reviews, customer testimonials, “how to…” articles on your products, recent projects, industry news or new product launches to name a few.

By providing interesting and informative posts, people that are interested in your products and services will visit your website and become regular readers of your posts.
The more traffic your website gets, the higher your search engine rankings and the more customers you will get.

Articles and how you set them up and share them mean the difference between your website being in a busy mall or on a dusty backroad outside De Aar.

We assist our busy clients by creating content for them. For content creation all we require is a topic, a focus keyword (which we will research) and any images that our client would like to include.
We create a 300-400 word optimised article and we upload it onto the client’s website for R490. No additional service request is required.

Images and Graphics

People love looking at pictures. So it is important to include them in your content. People will also judge your website, and your business, by the quality of the images displayed. So having good quality photos and graphics it very important.

You could have articles that are almost completely based on an image. These types of graphics are called Infographics and they are basically a picture version of an information article. You can see examples on our blog.

We have in-house photographers and graphics people to handle all of your website imaging needs form professional product, commercial and event photos to advertising graphics, infographics and website advertising banners. Professional Photographer: Steven McGregor Photography

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Video is the most effective online marketing tool. People are more likely to watch a video than read an article. YouTube is the 3rd largest website on the planet and is the second biggest search engine after Google (Fun Fact: Google owns YouTube).

So it goes without saying that video is the future.

As a part of your commitment to providing a full online marketing service we also create video content.

We specialise in short (30-60 sec) marketing videos using motion graphics but we also produce longer presentation type videos.

This is the process we follow:
• We assist is developing a script
• Recording the voice-over
• Story boarding (if necessary)
• Creating the video
• Editing
• Rendering the final video
• Assisting in uploading to YouTube, Vimeo…
• Ensuring that video keywords are properly used.
• Embedding the uploaded video to the client’s website.

The steps may vary depending on the type of video.

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