Website Management and Security

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Most websites today are being built on one CMS (Content Management System) or another like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, to name but a few. These systems are developed to make website management little easier. They make web design faster and far cheaper. However, if they are not properly managed they can be vulnerable to hackers. … Read more

Small Business Website Trends

small business website design

I like to keep up with global trends when it comes to business website design and internet marketing because, well, it is my business.

Godaddy recently released the results of a global survey of very small businesses (5 staff or less) and the results are pretty astounding considering the connected world that we live in.

Not having a website could mean that you are going out of business

GoDaddy, in case you didn’t know, are probably the largest provider of web hosting on the planet. What has been revealed is that even established businesses that failed to create an online presence are going out of business.

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Why WordPress?

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WordPress is a CMS or Content Management System so we will start there.

What is a CMS?

A CMS has the ability to store, organise and display documents, images video and any other online media. It can be edited by multiple users and is the foundation for many large websites like newspapers and government websites.

WordPress is a open source CMS website creation tool

It features architecture for plugins that add functionality to website and a theme template system for the visual aesthetics of the website.

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